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Factors to consider while buying led downlight

Factors to consider while buying led downlight

Lighting is very important whether it is in the home, office, and other places. Imagine taking your pictures in dim lighting, no one would like to take pictures with such poor lighting. You will not be able to complete work as you will not be able to concentrate on your work due to poor lighting. The regular lights which are used at home not only empty your pockets but will also affect your work. That is why people are showing more interest in the downlights as they are not only cost-effective but energy-efficient too. The downlight can be used in your office, kitchen, living room, and any other palaces. The improved version of the downlights is the LED lights which are best for your homes and you will have many verities to choose from. Let us look into some of the factors which one should keep in mind while buying the product.

  • Light intensity: It is very important to understand the light intensity required by you at each different area. Usually, the light intensity is more when the lumen value is more. We measure the intensity in lux. You will different varieties of LED light with different ranges of lux. For example, the forty lux light intensity bulb may be enough for your corridors and one sixty light intensity will be enough for the entrance hall and many more.
  • Power: Most of us know that power can be measured in watts. Through this watt, we can measure the energy of the LED lights. When compared to conventional light bulbs the LED lights use less wattage to give you the bright lighting. For example, if you choose a halogen light that is off fifty-five watts it will give the same light intensity which a fourteen watts LED downlight gives.
  • The angle of the beam for LED downlight: What is beam angle? Through this beam angle, we can come to known how far the light is reached in a particular area. The beam angle plays a vital role in selecting the lights for your office or house. For example, for office use, the beam angle must be either sixty or less. And if you are looking for the corridors then beam angle ninety will be enough. If you are trying to highlight any background then the beam angle should be narrow. And the angle also depends on the distance between the object and the LED downlight. 


Finally, all the LED downlights are not the same you need to select according to your need.

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