The Different Types Of Scaffolding Services You Need

All Trade Scaffolding

Erecting, altering, and dismantling stair access scaffolding for easy entry and exit requires multi-level scaffolding. The scaffolding solution is practical. All Trade Scaffolding offers services for the workers to efficiently and safely walk up and down the stairs while carrying their tools and materials.

Customized stair access scaffolding is also known as stair access towers to fit your needs, including elevated areas and roofs as required.

Types of scaffolding services

There are different types of scaffolding’s that suit your needs, you will have the following:

  • Kwikstage scaffolding
  • Commercial scaffolding
  • Residential scaffolding
  • Birdcage scaffolding
  • Steel scaffolding
  • Trestle scaffolding
  • Patented scaffolding
  • Suspended scaffolding
  • Single scaffolding
  • Double scaffolding

These types of scaffolding’s have different functions. Let’s take a look at the definitions of a few of these scaffolding’s, which might be suitable for your needs.

Patented scaffolding

Patented scaffolding’s using steel, equipped with special frames and couplings, etc. These are the ready made scaffolding’s available in the market. The scaffolding platform is arranged on brackets, adjustable to the required level.

All Trade Scaffolding

Steel scaffolding

Steel scaffolding’s are temporary platforms, which can be either supported from below or suspended from the top. Workers stand while doing their jobs at heights, which is above ground level. Construction jobs require various kinds of scaffolds to allow easy working.

Trestle scaffolding

Trestle scaffolding is assembled from prefabricated trestles, accessories, and braces. Trestle scaffolds are “A” frame and “H” frame trestle scaffolds. These are commonly used by plasterers, bricklayers, and painters, and general fit-out and completing work.

Suspended scaffolding

Suspended scaffolding’s are platforms suspended by non-rigid means, or by ropes, from the overhead structure. Two-point scaffolds are common types of suspended scaffolds. An eTool uses a Two-Point module to define requirements applied to all suspended scaffolds.

Cantilever scaffolding

Cantilever scaffolding is known as needle scaffolding. It is a type of separated scaffold built to angle out a structure. This scaffolding is usually placed near balconies for easy access. Cantilever scaffolding can be used in obstacles preventing scaffolding towers erected, for example:

  1. The ground has no capacity to support standards
  2. The ground near the wall free from traffic
  3. The wall’s upper part is still under construction

Single scaffolding

Single scaffolding is used for brick masonry. It is also known as the brick layer’s scaffolding. A single scaffolding will compromise standards, ledgers, put logs, etc. reaching the wall at a distance.

Double scaffolding

Double scaffolding is usually used for stone masonry jobs. It is also called the mason’s scaffolding and independent scaffolding. In stone walls, it is typically difficult to make holes in the wall to support put logs. Thus, two scaffolding rows have to be made to make it hard or robust.

Yes, scaffolding is very useful for construction jobs. So, to make the work safer and easier, make use of these scaffolding’s.

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