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What Is Meant by Web3 Design?

web3 malaysia

The designers of Web3 should continuously encourage users to have faith in code, data, smart contracts, and transactions to increase the platform’s visibility. Stated differently, the objective of Web3 UX design is to respond to the following queries from users:

Rather than providing an esoteric explanation of Web3 design, consider it a lifeboat that keeps people afloat in the vast ocean of novel ideas and technological difficulties associated with the decentralised web. Learn more about web3 malaysia.

DeFi App Types

Robust protocols guaranteeing transparency, trustlessness, immutability, and other features are essential to Web3 blockchain technology. Continuing with the ocean metaphor, the technological underpinnings of data flow and server interaction within the decentralised network are well below the surface. Users use Decentralized Financial Applications (DeFi apps) and Decentralized Applications (dApps). At that point, Web3 product design becomes relevant.

Community Principles

Blockchain is about a community that cherishes freedom, openness, and transparency. As designers, we anticipate and prioritize this community.

What is the process for casting votes?

Finding succinct, precise language and visuals to convey to newcomers the strength and reasoning of the group is the UX responsibility.

Openness in the provenance of data

It’s no secret that con artists and fraudsters are drawn to the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. Users are concerned about the data they transfer and store as a result. How will they use this information, and who can see it? Designers might overcome this nervousness by providing regular answers to the following queries:

Transactional transparency

Users who begin trading experience yet another surge of anxiety and uncertainty. If they go wrong, will their money be in jeopardy? Is completing this transaction safe? The careful UX design in Web3 should identify and explain all financial turning points, including the following ones, in detail.

Unchangeable acts

Programmers use events as tools to denote specific actions or conditions. Blockchain developers use events to describe new deposits, token purchases, user requests for Oracle information, and many other changes in intelligent contracts.

Blockchain automatically stores events from intelligent contracts as technical data. Communicating these internal signals to the end users is equally essential. Numerous incidents demonstrate that a DeFi app ensures transparency and has nothing to hide. Conversely, hardly any incidents reveal careless intelligent contracts.

Code transparency

We suggest providing users with ongoing access to a page called Code Transparency, similar to a Privacy Policy page. This may build trust in your code, and customers will, therefore, view your DeFi app as dependable.


Another trend in Web3 design is instant feedback. When an app conveys what is happening on blockchain, what happened just moments ago, and what will happen next, users are more likely to trust it. Motion and animation can effectively provide user-friendly feedback.

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