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What Enables Us to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

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Cannabis or marijuana as it is more popularly known as, is a complex compound extracted from the cannabis plant. Other than being complex, it has been a controversial compound. Marijuana is made up of 120 components so obviously the science that goes behind understanding it is also immensely complicated. Earlier cannabis as a whole was a substance that was heavily frowned upon. People judged cannabis and marijuana smokers and consumers and considered them to be nothing less than drug addicts. However this was an old time. Today, our society has developed so much that one can even Buy Marijuana Seeds Online. How did this change come about? What promoted this change? How did our society finally come to accept marijuana and cannabis for what they truly are and the biggest question of all. Has our society even truly accepted these compounds? This article tries to shed light on the subject.

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The history of marijuana

Marijuana, unlike tobacco or hard drugs like cocaine is not a compound that was recently discovered. Since it is a natural component extracted from the cannabis plant, it has been around since almost the beginning of time. Not only this but in many ancient scriptures the Hindu deity Lord Shiva is also known to smoke it on the regular. Since the last 20th century people began to view cannabis as something that promoted drug use. People started to heavily judge and openly criticise marijuana smokers.

This forced the latter to smoke in secrecy. However, over time modern science made many new developments. People started to realise that cannabis is nothing like drugs. It does not decrease a person’s ability to function and perform at all. If anything smoking it gives them clarity and allows them to function better. Not only this but a couple of decades ago many members of the international medical community discovered that weed is not only not harmful, but it also contains medicinal and healing properties to a great extent.

Overall, we can say that the society we live in today, no longer frowns upon weed smokers, or atleast a majority of it. A lot of work has been done and a lot has been achieved. However to simply think that this is the end of the road would be being delusional. While it is true that a lot has been done and achieved, it is also true that a long way to go is still left.

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