Your Law Expert: What Is Intellectual Property?

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Intellectual property is a property category that includes intangible inventions of human intellect. It is a work, the result of creativity, like a design or a manuscript, to which one has rights and may apply for a trademark, copyright, patent, etc. At, you will be explained further about the efficacy of intellectual property.

Types of intellectual property

Several types of intellectual property are recognized by some other countries more than others. Here are the best-known types of intellectual property:

  • copyrights
  • patents
  • trademarks
  • Trade secrets

What do copyrights mean?

Copyright is the exclusive legal right, which is given to an originator to so much:

  • Print
  • Publish
  • Perform
  • Film
  • Record Literary
  • Artistic
  • Musical material
  • Authorize others to do an exact copy

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What makes intellectual property covered under the law?

Intellectual property is owned by a person, as the original creator. Once it hit or is best-selling online, such as a music video, there is a great chance of making a profit. The music video will start to gain viewers, which means it can be a source of income. So, anyone who has intellectual property will always be privately owned.

Meaning, nobody can own it, except that you are given the authority to republish, reprint, reperform, or refilm it, by the originator. It is why many people were issued with a writ for breach of copyright, due to copying intellectual property, without the permission of the originator.

Typically, when the copyright is gaining higher views than the original one, it could be subject to a writ for breach of copyright.

What do patents mean?

Patent means a license conferring a title or right for a set period; sole right excludes others from using, making, or selling an invention. A patent is an exclusive right, granted for creation or invention, which is a process or product that provides. Generally, it is upgrading something or offering new technical solutions to a problem.

The technical information about the creation or invention should be disclosed publicly before you get a patent. There are three types of patents, namely:

  • Utility
  • Design
  • Plant

The utility patents can only be granted to someone who discovers or invents a new and useful process, article of manufacture, the machine, or composition of matters, or a new useful improvement. Thus, this is covered by the law, since this is a type of intellectual property.

Intellectual property theft

Yes, intellectual property theft can be a proper term when someone steals a creative expression, an idea, or an invention from a person or a company. Intellectual Property theft referred to someone stealing copyrights, trade secrets, patents, or trademarks, which may include,

  • names
  • logos
  • symbols
  • inventions
  • client lists and more

So, you can’t see a company having the same name, logo, and symbol. The same thing applies in the online business world. You can’t find the same exact business name online; each one is unique with respect to intellectual property.

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