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Common Toilet Parts That Wear Out Faster

Common Toilet Parts That Wear Out Faster

One of the parts of your home that you don’t want to have problems with is the toilet. However, when there are minor problems, you tend to disregard them. For sure you seldom check your toilet cistern. But you must understand that once this stops working, it will be a plumber visit that can resolve it. So here are the common parts inside that tank that usually get worn out easily and must be replaced when needed.

Fill Valve

The fill valve is a long tube that is connected to a shutoff valve inside the tank. The fill valve regulates the amount of water that flows into the tank after every flush. Since it’s used most often, the fill valve gets worn out over time. If you hear strange sounds from your toilet, it can be a damaged fill valve. Also, if you notice that there is a steady stream of water in the tank, it can also be a fill valve issue. You have to remember that a faulty fill valve will allow too much water into the tank. This will increase the amount of water used every time you flush.

toilet cistern

Overflow Tube

Another part of the toilet cistern that needs to be checked for wear and tear regularly is the overflow tube. This, and the fill valve control how much water is in the tank. When the fill valve is not working properly, the overflow tube will ensure that the water will not overflow from the tank and flood the bathroom floor. However, when the overflow tube is also malfunctioning when your fill valve breaks, then it can cause too much hassle.

Make it a habit to regularly check the overflow tube as well. All you need to do is when you are checking the fill valve, also inspect the tube for cracks or physical damage. Ensure that the water level in your tank and bowl is observed too. Too much or too little water can be an indicator that the overflow tube is not working properly.

Flapper Valve

This is the round rubber seal at the bottom of the tank. If you flush the toilet, a rod arm that is connected to the flapper valve by a chain lifts the valve, allowing the water from the tank to drain into the bowl. However, when the flapper valve malfunctions, flushing the toilet will not be possible. A malfunctioning flapper may cause an overflow.

If you have inspected your toilet cistern and you notice any of these parts that need to be replaced, you can order them online. You can visit Reece online and find the toilet parts that you need. Remember that the longer it takes for you to have the issue checked, the bigger the problem gets, and the more costly the repair will be.

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