Singapore Electricity Price For Residential And Commercial Purposes

Singapore Electricity Price For Residential And Commercial Purposes

Electricity is a core requirement in the lifestyle of people at present. People cannot think of life anymore without a constant and regular electricity supply regime. But instead of its high importance in the lives of people, the rates of the same can sometimes go beyond the reach of everyone who requires the same. And such a concerning situation needs to be addressed urgently because electricity is not at all a luxury but a necessity and it should be within everyone’s reach.

And hence to meet this situation, several electricity service providers are introducing certain residential and commercial plans at discounted rates for everyone to have free access to it. Singapore electricity price has its own variations as per the provider’s choices but unanimously contributes to the betterment of society and citizens of the country.

The Commercial plans

Several exclusive commercial plans are introduced to the market for commercial places to supply electricity. Each of them is a greener and cleaner option that both contribute to the general and social welfare of the country largely.

  • Commercial Energy Retail

Save not only energy but a few bucks too. Make your company more energy and financially efficient through their attractive commercial energy retail plans. They mainly aim at reducing both environmental damage and also the net expenses your company has to borne for it.

Singapore electricity price

  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement and roof rental

You get to pay for your solar energy consumption but at a discounted rate. This plan is mainly to generalize the use of solar energy as an alternative to conventional sources and convince and preach to people that solar energy isn’t as out of means as they assume.

You can also make money from the same by leasing out your installed solar panels that are not utilized by your business.

Residential Plans

The main residential plans that are mostly introduced by producers and accepted by consumers are discounted tariff plans quite fixed rates

  • Fixed rates

These are for people who are unwilling to go into complications of fluctuations and enjoy fixed-rate plans for general energy consumption.

  • Discounted tariff plans

Have the independence to choose how much to pay depending on how much energy you may need according to your household requirements.

And these were mostly how Singapore electricity price is determined and how efficient the process is. In the case of both commercial and residential requirements, the convenience factor is taken care of besides the environment factor, making judicious energy consumption a feasible practice for commoners.

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