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All you need to know affordable prize BTO renovation package

All you need to know affordable prize BTO renovation package

Are you looking for a low-cost BTO remodeling package that won’t break the bank? You will receive a contemporary interior design with high-quality craftsmanship. Most importantly, you’ll have the satisfaction and peace of mind of knowing that your house is being constructed to your specifications. You’ll soon have a clear image of what’s included in our BTO remodeling package.

The clients may now get their room and independence. Isn’t this exciting? Yes, we understand that you have a lot to accomplish for your new house in a short amount of time. Every house has a tale to tell. This is your tale. Because each BTO flat interior is unique, our remodeling packages will assist you in completing the necessary areas. So you can move in sooner. For example, they’ll have a modern and effective kitchen cabinet made to maximize their space. Alternatively, you may opt to select your living room furnishings.

You will want the services of a trained installer to complete the installation. After all, it’s fascinating to go on a quest for your favorite household items. This package includes it as well. A lot of work goes into getting your new apartment ready. And a lovely luxury home that you’ll enjoy living in.

BTO Renovation Package includes-

  • Professional Services are included in packages.
  • Consultation on design, conception, and space planning
  • Impressions of the artist (3D drawing)
  • Material selection and color coordination
  • Site supervision and project management
  • Services for Masonry
  • Supply and build a 50-60 mm high cabinet with tile finishing. 

Three steps of BTo renovation –

  • Discussion
  • Planning
  • Implementation 

BTO renovation package

Why Should You Pick Us?

Choosing the appropriate bto renovation package provider makes the entire process more fun. Sit and relax while we tackle the difficult BTO renovation. We have been in business under the same. And we have finished and successfully assisted hundreds of Singapore residents with their interior design and remodeling projects. 

HDB contractor license

You have a qualified staff that meets Singapore refurbishment work criteria. 


It is critical to communicate clearly. They’ll send you a photo and WhatsApp updates to keep you up to speed on the development. 

One Contact point

 They do not need to communicate with many people during the apartment refurbishment procedure. 

Work and Service of High Quality

Their fees are fair in exchange for the highest quality of work and service. Allow us to handle time-consuming activities like a delivery collection for you.

All the above serviced are involved in good BTO renovation packages.

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