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Some types of interior doors

Solid Door

The dimensions of a standard internal door are about 80 centimeters wide and 210 high, but today, thanks to the large availability of models and technological innovations, it is possible to create any type of customized dimension, just ask expert window manufacturers solid door.

Furthermore, it is necessary to evaluate the type of ideal interior door. The right door for your needs must take into account many variables, such as the available space, the environment and much more. Here are some types of interior doors:

Hinged door

The most classic, the most requested, the most traditional: you can never go wrong with an internal swing door. Fixed on one side to the compartment, it opens and closes thanks to hinges that can be visible or concealed. It can also be with two doors, you can decide the opening direction.

Solid Door

Sliding door

When the space available is limited, it is advisable to install a sliding door. This solution allows the door to slide inside the counterframe, disappearing into the wall or touching the external wall thanks to the tracks. Available with single or double leaf (and therefore installed on two walls), the sliding door is a very smart and design choice. Suitable for corridor doors or small rooms.

Folding door

Another way to fully utilize the space is opening the door ” to book ” (see photo). It is preferred when you do not want to undertake masonry work or there is no space available to slide the door along the wall. The opening and closing system in fact consists of a door equipped with multiple panels that overlap in a package, creating a book effect.

The choice of interior doors also concerns the material . Wood  or  PVC : not only openings and dimensions, but also for the same materials there is a good choice of solutions! As for the structure of the door, the most popular is undoubtedly the wood.

We offer a wide range of interior doors, of different colors and workmanship, versatile, light and very resistant.

How to choose the finishes for the interior doors?

As we have said, design and aesthetic impact are fundamental for an interior door. This is why a lot of attention must be paid to the choice of finishes. Again, the choice is almost unlimited. Lacquered finishes are very common, especially in modern homes and offices, which consist in the application of several layers of paint. In this way, you can choose between opaque or shiny coverage, in very different colors. In addition, this finish makes the door completely waterproof. Which means it will also be much easier to clean.

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